How To Store Your Leather Shoes and Sandals?

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Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to think about putting away your summer shoes until next season.

How to store your summer shoes in leather without damaging them? This is an important question if you want to keep your shoes intact for several years.

Leather and suede are quality materials, and to maintain their appearance, comfort and durability, care must be taken, even during winter.

Here are five important points to properly store your leather shoes and sandals for next summer.


  1. Clean and dry

Before storing your shoes, it is very important to clean them well. Removing dirt, dust and residue will protect the leather and suede over time.

  • Invest in a quality soft bristle brush (non-irritating) to remove residue.

  • Use a special product for leather or suede to remove stains.

  • Let the shoes dry completely before storing them.

    1. Find a dark place with controlled temperature

    The storage location is a very important component in maintaining the shape of leather and suede shoes. A dark room without direct or constant light is necessary to keep the color of the leather or suede shoes. The room should not be too crowded in order to have some air circulation. The temperature of the room should be cool and controlled, in order to avoid extremes of temperature and sudden changes in temperature. This can damage the leather and suede, thereby altering the appearance and/or durability of the shoe.

    To do:

    • Dark wardrobe with no direct or constant light

    • Cool and controlled temperature

    • Room not too crowded

    To avoid:

    • Placing shoes in a garage, where it can be very hot in summer and very cold in winter



    1. Wrap the shoes in acid-free paper

    Wrapping leather and suede shoes in acid-free paper prevents deterioration of the shoe by maintaining an appropriate level of humidity. Acidic paper can damage the material of the shoe. If acid-free paper is hard to find, an excellent alternative to it is unbleached muslin fabric. It is also effective in drying out any moisture. The use of newspaper should be avoided as it can discolor the shoe. Plastic bags should also be avoided. Since plastic is a material that does not breathe, it can create heat and lock in moisture, which in turn can cause discoloration and mold in leather and suede. 

    To use:

    • Acid-free paper
    • Unbleached muslin fabric

    To avoid:

    • Newspaper
    • Plastic bag (or any kind of plastic)                               




    1. Use cedar

    The natural and non-toxic qualities of cedar for storing shoes are exceptional, especially for leather and suede. Cedar makes shoes smell fresh and repels moths and other insects.

    • Use cedar balls in the storage area.
    • Use a cedar shoe tree to maintain the shape of leather and suede shoes.
    1. Find your way to store them

    After finding the storage location for your shoes until the next season, it is important to think about how to store the shoes in order to maintain their durability.

    To do:

    • Sort the shoes by season and/or occasion

    • Use boxes, a shoe rack or hanging shoe bags to store each pair of shoes

    To avoid:

    • Placing the shoes one on top of the other



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    • Sarah Thiboutot

      Thank you! This is a great article! It is always good to know how to clean the leather to keep the boots for a long time!

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