Alfred Cloutier

Our story

Since 1938

A Canadian family company since 1938

Providing quality boots, slippers and moccassins for 85 years!

4 generations

Craftsmanship passed down through generations

Over the years, 4 generations of the Cloutier family have worked for the company, including Réjean, who currently holds the position of pattern maker.

More than a product

"The history and expertise of Alfred Cloutier can be found in every stitch of every shoe we have ever made."

Alfred Cloutier is among the oldest shoe companies in Quebec.

Our story

Stock market crash

It's the Great Depression. Salaries drop by 40% and the unemployment rate reaches 27% in Canada. Shoemaking is the primary source of employment in Quebec.

Founding of the company

To provide for his family, Alfred Cloutier, the 10th child in a family of 14 and then mayor of St-Émile, begins crafting moccasins.

Death of Alfred Cloutier

After partnering in 1939 with his leather supplier L.F Villeneuve, he passed away in 1943 at the age of 44, just 5 years after the company's inception.

Our archives

L.F Villeneuve leads the company

À partir de 1943, l'entreprise est dirigée par L.F Villeneuve qui s'associe au frère d'Alfred, Arthur Cloutier alors en charge de la fabrication. Il décède en 1964 et ses enfants prennent la relève jusqu'au décès du fils en 1976.

Serge Brie becomes owner

In 1976, Serge Brie, the current owner and CEO of the company, acquired the business. Over the years, he expanded its offerings to include not only moccasins but also winter boots and slippers.

Expansion and acquisition of H. Barbeau.

With momentum on his side, Serge Brie expanded the factory three times and, in 1989, acquired competitor H. Barbeau ltd., which at the time had 200 employees.


After decades of designing, manufacturing, and distributing boots for major companies, Alfred Cloutier introduced the Alfred C. brand in 2018, aimed at high-end independent retailers. In 2019, the company launched its first transactional website and the world's first custom-made winter boots and slippers.
Aisha Women's Winter Boot in Leopard with Retractable Cleats - Alfred Cloutier Ltd. - Canada

Our commitment

Alfred Cloutier's dedication to innovative quality products continues! Our research & development, design, and production facilities located in Quebec, Canada, and abroad allow us to manufacture high-quality shoes at competitive prices.

The St-Émile legacy

Since the 1930s, St-Émile has been known as Quebec City's shoe district. At the time, more than thirty companies were based there. Alfred Cloutier is proud to be one of the last companies still operating there.